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Packing List for a Last-Minute Moving

Packing List for a Last-Minute Moving

Sometimes, people have to face sudden changes in their lives and one of them is non-scheduled moving. That is why every person should be prepared for such unpredictable situations and have a last-minute packing list which will help to eliminate the level of stress. If you once face the case when there is a shortage of time to prepare for moving, this checklist will help you to take the most necessary and important things with.

Expensive items

Every family has certain valuables gathered for years. These might be some precious items as well as things with minimum financial value but the incredible significance for a person. They must be gathered the first since their loss or forgetting will make you the most disappointed person in the world. Usually, these are jewelry pieces, antiques, some inherited things, documents, etc. Mymovingreviews listed the things that must stay with you during the move.

Documents and money

Another significant stage mentioned in all last-minute moving tips is, of course, packing cash, credit cards and all the important documents. Naturally, you need to have a certain amount of cash to pay for the moving services and their absence may lead to severe problems.

Consequently, you need to divide all your documents into ones you might need immediately after moving (passports, rent contract, tickets, etc.) and other papers which should not be lost. Money and credit cards should be put to the pack of the documents not to be lost or forgotten. All these things must be transported personally by the owners for their safety.

Must-have things

Naturally, the compilation of the last-minute moving checklist is torture since everything seems to be a necessity and taken with. However, you should sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper, and write down the list of the most important groups of items to be transported. Most often these are:

  • Furniture;
  • Bedding;
  • Clothes;
  • Appliances.
If you have a list of such items, you can always check whether everything was packed and delivered and get a more accurate estimate fee from the moving company.

Cosmetics and accessories

Both men and women have many different trifles they cannot live without. These are not only watches, bracelets, glasses, hats, and belts but also cosmetics, power bank, headphones, charging cable and exclusive favorite things each person has. However, their selection must be also reasonable. Per Eagle State To State Moving Company, the best way to pack for a last-minute move is to take only those things which you have used within the last year. All other pieces will only take place in the truck and your new home – the probability that you will use them is incredibly low.


It goes without saying that life is not life without your beloved phone, tablet, or PC. We are people of a new era who cannot imagine life without these and other technological devices. However, you must be very careful with their last-minute packing. These are fragile items that require special wrap and packing material for their safe transportation. Moreover, don’t forget to label these boxes to put them on the top or they may be damaged under the weight of other cargo too. Remember to take the accessories to these devices and original packages with warranty cards in case of any issues.

First aid kit

Most last-minute movers recommend paying special attention to the first aid kit packing. Every person is not insured against illnesses, so this kit must be also divided into two parts. If you feel nausea on-the-go or has just caught a cold, you need to take certain medications with and pack the rest of it carefully for transportation. Pay special attention to the liquids and keep this box away from small children. It is also important to remember that some medicine requires special storage environment so take it into account too.

Food and water

It is very important not to forget that moving is an exhausting process that takes hours and even days sometimes. Not only small children but also adults must fulfill their organisms with energy and it is possible only if you feed them and provide them with fresh water. A great deal of time is taken by the preparation of dishes and drinks you can take with for your moving. Don’t skip this important stage as sometimes you may wait for hours until you get to a place to have a bite!